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the drumming course for busy people

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Taking everything I’ve learnt over a decade of helping busy adults learn to play – I’ve created a killer online course to put you on the fast track of learning to kick ass on the drums.

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“Thank you for being amazing!”

When I chose James, I didn't know what type of instructor I was getting and had decided that if I didn't like him I'd just find someone else. Fast forward 6 months, I wouldn't change a thing. He is so kind and encouraging and has a true love of music! Mix all of that with his sense of humor and it just doesn't get any better! Thank you James for being amazing!
Beginner Drummer

Play awesome music right from the start

Have a clear roadmap for improving faster

Better understand the music that you love - and how it works on the drums


“James’s lessons are very approachable!”

I can't recommend James highly enough. I had no idea what I was getting into when I started drumming, and he's been incredibly supportive. He's also unpretentious (despite his ridiculous talent) and his lessons are very approachable, which is really necessary for a beginner like me. Five stars for sure!
Beginner Drummer

Learning the drums is supposed to be fun, right?

You want to learn the patterns and the skills that will get you playing the songs you love, sounding great, and finally realising your dream of playing the drumsas quickly as possible.

How do you know where to start?

You want to be able to learn the correct way – so you feel confident and capable – and even if you can’t spend very long each day practising – you want to know that what you are practising really works!

Beatsure drum lessons offer a simple solution

         I teach beginner students everything that they need to know – from my own experience studying 1-1 with world-class drummers

         Unlike most other courses, we’ll start playing along to great music from the very first lesson!

         We only practice the most important bits of drumming – to make sure your valuable time is spent making the most possible progress

         I have a decade of experience helping every kind of drummer – and provide a comfortable, fun space to learn (we don’t worry about talent, age or anything else here!)

COMING SOON: Get your first lessons free

If you’re curious to sample my lessons – and see if my relaxed, friendly and fun teaching method is the right fit for you, you can try it out for free by entering your email below.

As soon as the course is launched, I’ll send you some of my favourite beginner lessons, completely free. We’ll learn to play along to music from the very first lesson (no equipment required!)


You have questions, I have answers

Not at all! There are two requirements for this course: you must be a human being (teaching my dog how to keep time was a nightmare) and you must be curious about what the world of drumming might have in store for you.

The majority of the lessons can actually be followed with just your hands and your feet – you simply tap along with the correct hand and foot at the correct time.

By doing this, you’re practicing the same co-ordination and timing skills that you’ll be taking to the drums in the future.

If you’ve only got a pair of sticks or a practice pad – that’s fine too.

If you’ve never tooted a trumpet, plonked a piano or violined a violin – that’s no problem at all.

This course isn’t just a dump of different drum beats thrown at you like a pot of soup by an angry grandma.

It’s the perfect starting point for a new drummer.

I’ll take you right from the very beginning, I’m not going to assume anything or miss any of the basics.

I’ll teach you how to count music, what the different drums are, how a drum beat works, and all of the must-know essentials that ensure everything else make sense.

Learning drums does take time and practice, but here’s the most important thing to know: I’ve never actually met a student who couldn’t play drums, regardless of age or their own ideas of their musical ability.

If you’re feeling unsure about taking up the drums and you’re not backing yourself right now, don’t worry, I am backing you!

What’s more, you’re not just going to be alone out there in cyberspace, trying to drum out there by yourself.

You’ll get access to our private Facebook group where you can feel free to pop a drumming-related question in my direction.

If you’re just starting out – it really helps to have a course to set you on the right path – you can rest easy in the knowledge that you have everything you need to excel – and that you haven’t missed a thing.

The skills I teach in this course will carry you as far as you want to go – the technique taught is all to a professional level – and there’s plenty of insider professional knowledge included that’ll accelerate your learning curve.

The tricky thing is – every man and his dog now has a YouTube channel that you can watch – and it can be tempting to try and learn every tip and trick out there, but in my experience, this most often distracts students from what’s really important.

There are foundational skills that should be prioritised above everything else when you first start playing – and that’s what we’ll be covering in this course.

And while I am going to be setting you up in the correct way to push your drumming as far as you want to go – there’s no pressure here to become a world-class prodigy drumming robot.

It’s a serious drumming course in the sense that it gives you all the tools that you need to excel – but it’s also a fun drumming course in the sense that there’s always time for a laugh or two.