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It’s my mission as a teacher to help you to learn to play faster.

Taking everything I’ve learnt over a decade of helping busy adults learn to play – I’ve created a killer online video course to put you on the fast track of learning to kick ass on the drums.

This course is for you if you'd love to... 👇

Play world-famous music from right from the start

Have a clear roadmap for improving faster

Better understand the music that you love - and how it works on the drums


“James’s lessons are very approachable!”

I can't recommend James highly enough. I had no idea what I was getting into when I started drumming, and he's been incredibly supportive. He's also unpretentious (despite his ridiculous talent) and his lessons are very approachable, which is really necessary for a beginner like me. Five stars for sure!
Beginner Drummer

So, what's the simplest way to get started on the drums?

Here’s something fascinating about learning to play the drums – most songs are based on just a handful of essential drum beats. Knowing how and where to use them, fast-tracks you into playing great music right away.


How important are they?

As a professional drummer, I couldn’t be without a single one of these common drum beats. They are the building blocks of thousands of the world’s most popular songs. If you understand the common patterns between songs – you’ll have a much more solid foundation and progress much faster.

It all starts here

Every drummer has their own unique style and they’ll usually add extra touches on top of these common drum beats, but underneath, the foundations are universal.

A common mistake is to spend months learning one song, only to find the patterns you learned don’t apply to other tunes – and that you need a much broader understanding of what’s happening.

This is where the common drum beats come in.

How it works

In this fun, approachable video course for new and beginner drummers, I’ll be teaching you 11 of the world’s most important and popular drum beats, and all of the other foundational tools you need to know as someone who’s just starting out.

Play along to music 🎶

I’ll get you playing along to music in the first 10 minutes of the course. We’ll learn some of the most iconic songs ever released, from world famous artists across a range of musical styles.

Pro-level drum technique 🥁

Everything you could possibly need to know, from how to hold the sticks, to how to keep time, to pro-level foot and hand technique, to how to best understand the music you’re playing along to… it’s all covered.

Plenty of fun and silliness 🤪

I’m serious about teaching rock-solid drum technique and building a strong foundation for wherever you want to take your drumming, though there’s always time for a laugh or two when learning to play the drums.

Hi, I'm James 👋

▶ I’m a professional drummer from the UK, and I teach adults all around the world in 1 to 1 drum lessons, online video courses and through my free website resources, which has helped over 100,000 drummers.

▶ I’ve been lucky enough to study under some of the world’s top session drummers, who’s playing credits include Stevie Wonder, the London Symphony Orchestra, Paul McCartney, Aretha Franklin and James Brown.

▶ I’m passionate about presenting things in a fun, easy to understand manner, whilst still equipping my students with the essential tools they need to excel.

Here’s a few clips of me in action. 👇

So what's included?

Module 1: Drumming Essentials

Everything you absolutely need and can’t afford to miss – you will learn to👇

You’ll feel confident that you’ve started with correct technique and you haven’t missed anything important

You’ll know you haven’t wasted any time – you’ve been learning what’s most important – potentially saving you hundreds of hours of unnecessary practice

You’ll be excited to use your newfound knowledge and feel the joy of playing along to songs right away

Module 2: Common Drum Beats

You will learn 11 of the world’s most famous and important beats. These beats are the foundation of hundreds of thousands of famous songs – so they are the essential starting point for any beginner drummer. You will learn to 👇

You’ll have a clear understanding of what you should be practicing – with the key steps to improve your skills

You’ll understand which beats to learn to have the biggest overall impact on your playing and success as a drummer

You’ll get to play along to a whole album’s worth of famous songs – it’s a perfect playlist for a solo jam session or to play for family and friends


“Thank you for being amazing!”

When I chose James, I didn't know what type of instructor I was getting and had decided that if I didn't like him I'd just find someone else. Fast forward 6 months, I wouldn't change a thing. He is so kind and encouraging and has a true love of music! Mix all of that with his sense of humor and it just doesn't get any better! Thank you James for being amazing!
Beginner Drummer

Check out a sample lesson from the course 👇

My promises if you join today

Of course, without trying the course for yourself, you can’t be totally sure it’s right for you, and that it’s going to give you the results you’re hoping for.

That’s why I don’t want you to have to decide to say yes or no to the course without seeing what’s inside.

Because I’m confident you’ll get so much value from the course – I’m offering a very special and unique guarantee for anyone who signs up.

The rock and roll stage-ready guarantee:

If you don’t feel like you’d be ready to confidently perform a song from the course for your friends or family within the first 90 days of getting started, I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

This means you can check out the course on the inside – make a fully informed decision, and if you decide you’d like your money back and you aren’t completely satisfied – you’ll receive a full refund up until 90 days after purchasing. 

But that’s not all that I’m offering with this latest edition of the course…

This new 2023 edition comes with 4 super special bonuses – included free of charge when you sign up….

Bonus 1: Becoming a unique and stylish drummer

For the first time in 2023 – I will be offering a special group Zoom call at the end of the course that will give you all the next steps you need to continue to level up your drumming after you’ve completed the course.

I’m so confident you’ll find the course useful that I know the students who take action will be asking:

‘How do I become an even better player than I am now?’

This zoom call will cover all the more advanced ideas that, now you are playing songs and have a solid foundation of playing, you are totally ready for!

We’ll take a look at:

  1. Drum fills, what they are, and how to improvise them in the moment
  2. Advanced and stylish bass drum rhythms
  3. How to ‘personalise’ a drum beat to a particular song
  4. All the most important things to learn as an intermediate level drummer

Normally, it would take me at least 7 or 8 private 1-1 lessons (normally costing a student $350) to go through all of this material and practice it bit by bit, which is why I’m so excited to be able to offer such a jam-packed zoom call for students who want to take action and sign up to the course.

The zoom call will be recorded and available for you to refer back to and everyone will be able to ask questions as we go!

In order to keep the group zoom call interactive and functional for you, I am only offering this call to the first 20 people who sign up in January, so don’t forget to sign up as soon as possible if you’d like to become an even better drummer in 2023.


“I progressed much faster than I was expecting!”

I was drumming for around 8 months before hitting a wall and knowing I needed a teacher to get me where I wanted. I looked for an online option and thankfully found James via a Google drum post. Since then, I've never looked back with James steering me to a much higher level within a short time frame. Hard work was required but the lessons got me to my goal far quicker. I personally find the online lessons great as I can do it all from the comfort of my own home.
Beginner Drummer

Bonus 2: The drumming support clinic

Also for the first time in 2023, I’ll also be offering a brand-new Zoom call in middle of the course where I will answer all of your questions about the course and give you any tips, tricks or advice you need to progress forward more easily.

You are welcome to attend the group Zoom call if you would like to:

  1. Stay motivated with your practice and feel part of a community who are also practicing
  2. Get personalised feedback on your playing
  3. Ask any questions about anything you would like more information on
  4. Break through any sticking points or challenges with your practice
This kind of feedback directly from a teacher is normally quite expensive – so I’m really happy to be able to offer this as part of the course, without any extra cost to you.
The group will have a long zoom call and I’ll be taking the time to personally review submissions beforehand for anyone who’d like personal feedback on their playing – making this bonus worth at least $100 to everyone who wants to take part.
In order to make it possible to answer everyone’s questions and give people the time they need, I am only offering the call to the first 20 people who sign up, so if you’d like to have the option to ask me about your playing, don’t hesitate to join the course today.

Bonus 3: The ready to go musician

I want to get you playing to music so fast it feels like you’ve beaten the system – which is why I’ve included not one but THREE quick-start famous songs to get you playing to music IMMEDIATELY.

These songs are an amazing cheat code to playing the drums quickly and easily. 

These songs are for COMPLETE beginners and in my whole life playing the drums – I’ve only found 3 that are this straightforward – which makes this bonus a super useful thing to know.

My 1-1 students are often amazed at how quickly they start playing to music in the first lesson – and I’d like to share that same feeling of excitement and enjoyment with you too.

This might be my most valuable bonus that I’ve included – because it stops so many students from giving up at the start – because they can see immediately how drumming works and how they can do the most fun part, playing along to music!

I personally believe that the time, effort and frustration saved for each of my students with these songs is invaluable, but given that it normally saves each student a couple of lessons of aggravation and difficulty, I consider this bonus to be worth at least $100.



Bonus 4: Common mistakes and things to watch out for

My fourth and final bonus that I’m offering with the course is something that will save some drummers an extraordinary amount of time and effort.

Creating a course about how to play the drums well was never enough for me – just as important is to let every student know where they need to focus to avoid making mistakes or installing bad habits.

In my decade of experience as a teacher – I’ve seen where students go wrong time and time again, and need to be supported in order to make the right kind of progress.

I’ve created a video for the course called that specifically addresses all the pitfalls you need to watch out for.

Avoiding the most common mistakes can save you years of practice, things sounding ‘not quite right’ and the frustration of trying to correct something later rather than practicing it correctly the first time.

We’ll never have the perfect practice routine, and neither should we worry about this, but we can absolutely avoid getting stuck in ruts or installing bad techniques that take a huge amount of time to reverse.

I have a couple of students who have picked up bad habits in the past and we’ve spent a significant amount of hours of teaching time working on reversing these changes. This makes this bonus worth at least $500.

You can feel confident and capable knowing that you are aware of the potential issues that come when learning to play the drums, and then consciously apply this knowledge to your practice right from the start.


Are you ready to get started? Here’s a recap of everything you get from the video course and free bonuses, plus extra support and assistance.

I’m so happy to be able to pack so much value into the course – which I am offering for a limited time only at a special new year’s discounted price.

And don’t forget that you’re free to try the course for 90 days with no pressure thanks to our rock and roll stage-ready guarantee.

I’m so excited to have you as part of the course – remember to sign up as soon as possible if you’d like to receive all of the free bonuses, and I’ll see you inside the course!


You have questions, I have answers

Not at all! There are two requirements for this course: you must be a human being (teaching my dog how to keep time was a nightmare) and you must be curious about what the world of drumming might have in store for you.

The majority of the lessons can actually be followed with just your hands and your feet – you simply tap along with the correct hand and foot at the correct time.

By doing this, you’re practicing the same co-ordination and timing skills that you’ll be taking to the drums in the future.

If you’ve only got a pair of sticks or a practice pad – that’s fine too.

If you’ve never tooted a trumpet, plonked a piano or violined a violin – that’s no problem at all.

This course isn’t just a dump of different drum beats thrown at you like a pot of soup by an angry grandma.

It’s the perfect starting point for a new drummer.

I’ll take you right from the very beginning, I’m not going to assume anything or miss any of the basics.

I’ll teach you how to count music, what the different drums are, how a drum beat works, and all of the must-know essentials that ensure everything else make sense.

Learning drums does take time and practice, but here’s the most important thing to know: I’ve never actually met a student who couldn’t play drums, regardless of age or their own ideas of their musical ability.

If you’re feeling unsure about taking up the drums and you’re not backing yourself right now, don’t worry, I am backing you!

What’s more, you’re not just going to be alone out there in cyberspace, trying to drum out there by yourself.

You’ll get access to our private Facebook group where you can feel free to pop a drumming-related question in my direction.

If you’re just starting out – it really helps to have a course to set you on the right path – you can rest easy in the knowledge that you have everything you need to excel – and that you haven’t missed a thing.

The skills I teach in this course will carry you as far as you want to go – the technique taught is all to a professional level – and there’s plenty of insider professional knowledge included that’ll accelerate your learning curve.

The tricky thing is – every man and his dog now has a YouTube channel that you can watch – and it can be tempting to try and learn every tip and trick out there, but in my experience, this most often distracts students from what’s really important.

There are foundational skills that should be prioritised above everything else when you first start playing – and that’s what we’ll be covering in this course.

And while I am going to be setting you up in the correct way to push your drumming as far as you want to go – there’s no pressure here to become a world-class prodigy drumming robot.

It’s a serious drumming course in the sense that it gives you all the tools that you need to excel – but it’s also a fun drumming course in the sense that there’s always time for a laugh or two.

Take the "umm" out of drumming

Click the button below, sign up and you’ll be drumming with me in a blink of a drumstick (fingers crossed this expression catches on). Let’s do this!