9 Best Electronic Drum Sets (2022 Update)

Electronic Drum Set

Find the best electronic drum set for your budget and playing ability with this straightforward, no-nonsense buyer’s guide.

There’s never been a better time to purchase a superb quality electronic drum set at an affordable price.

Yet for a drummer of any ability, it can often feel impossible to sort through the dizzying range of options available and succeed in making the right choice.

As a professional drummer and teacher, I’m regularly asked which electronic drum set is best for beginners, professionals, kids, and everyone in between.

If you want to make finding the right drum kit a breeze, I’ve written this article with you in mind.

I’ve condensed all the technical jargon, different models and need-to-know info into this easy-to-understand guide: a carefully compiled list, featuring the best of what the electronic drum world has to offer.

To help you find the electronic drum kit that’s best matched to your needs, I’ve divided all the featured kits into helpful categories…

Simply click on any of the links below to find out more about each drum kit that we recommend.

Best electronic drum sets in 2022

  1. Yamaha DTX432K (Beginners)
  2. Alesis Nitro Mesh (Tight budgets)
  3. Yamaha DTX402K (Kids)
  4. ATV aDrums Artist Standard Kit (Acoustic drum appearance)
  5. Yamaha DTX582K (Intermediate drummers)
  6. Roland TD-17KV (Pro features, without the pro price)
  7. Roland TD-1DMK (Having fun)
  8. Yamaha DTX452K (Teenagers)
  9. Roland TD-50KVX (Professionals)

Buyer’s guide to choosing the best electronic drum set for you

Here’s your 60-second primer explaining everything you need to know when buying an electronic drum kit.

There are two main parts to an electronic drum set…

  • Drum pads: Better quality drum pads deliver a more realistic playing experience for the drummer.
  • Brain (also known as a module): Better quality brains include more realistic drum sounds and additional features such as instant analysis on your playing.

I’ve made sure that all the electronic drum sets in this article have pads and brains that are up to scratch based on your particular needs as a drummer.

Electronic drums aren’t silent – there is still the impact noise of a drum stick or bass drum beater hitting the rubber pad (therefore – electronic drums are not always suitable for apartments).

However, the difference in volume between acoustic and electronic kits is colossal, making electronic drum sets far more practice friendly.

And finally, when you’re buying your electronic drum set, you’ll also need a pair of sticks, a drum stool (also known as a drum throne) and a pair of headphones.

Where appropriate, I’ve included my recommendations for what you’ll need in the rest of the article.

And that’s pretty much all you need to know! Let’s get into it…

Yamaha DTX432K

The best electronic drum set for beginners

Yamaha DTX432K Electronic Drum Set

The Yamaha DTX432K provides a perfect starting point for any beginner drummer – ideal for anyone who wants to feel inspired when playing their electronic drum set, without breaking the bank.

When buying an electronic drum set for a beginner, there are a few things to take into consideration…

Firstly, is that you don’t need to get a high-end kit right away.

There’s no point investing in an extremely expensive drum kit if you’re only going to play it a few times each week.

However, you also want to avoid buying an extremely cheap drum kit.

These kits often break very quickly, have poor quality sound, and can feel like toys rather than instruments.

If you’re on a very tight budget, you could consider the Alesis Nitro Mesh, but for most beginners, I’d recommend the Yamaha DTX432K.

The Yamaha DTX432K is a highly affordable electronic drum set that I recommend for any beginner drummer looking to become an awesome player.

Why the Yamaha DTX432K

  • The drum sounds are excellent (and much improved against cheaper competitors), making playing far more enjoyable and realistic.
  • It has all the features you need to develop and hone your skills effectively.
  • The kit uses a real bass drum pedal, allowing you to develop the necessary technique to play with one.
  • As it’s far more durable than a lot of cheaper competitors, it’s much less likely to break when you’re rocking out.

Check out the video below to see what the DTX series of drum kits sounds like.

The DTX432K has the features and quality to keep a drummer playing (and learning) for years to come.

What’s more, it’s upgradeable, meaning if at any point you did want to add features better suited to a more advanced drummer, you’d have the option, at a fraction of the price of buying a new drum kit.

What you get with the Yamaha DTX432K

A standard five-piece drum kit setup, with everything you’d find on a standard acoustic drum set – Kick/bass drum, snare drum, 3 tom-toms, hi-hat, crash cymbal and ride cymbal.

You also get a kick/bass drum pedal and a hi-hat pedal included.

287 drum voices and 10 drum kits – A wide range of quality sounds allows you to adapt your drum set to different musical situations.

Rocking out to AC/DC, Led Zeppelin or the Foo Fighters? Choose a heavy-hitting rock sound. Playing your favourite hits of the moment? There’s a kit for that too.

In fact, there’s a kit to suit most musical situations and the genres you’re most passionate about.

A drum module that controls the electronic drum sounds, with a range of valuable training functions – A drum module (also known as a brain) is what brings electric drums to life, but Yamaha’s module also contains a number of tools that actively help you improve your drumming.

Rhythm Gate, for example, is a challenge mode that helps you improve your timing.

The drums only sound when you’re playing in time, helping you develop your rhythm more quickly.

Check out some of the other training features in the video below (demonstrating tools to help you develop speed, practice songs and record your playing).

If I had to pick an overall winner from this entire guide, I’d go for this drum set.

It represents the best of what affordable drum sets have to offer and provides a great foundation for any drummer getting started on the kit.

My personal experience of using Yamaha drums: I had a similar model of Yamaha electronic drum kit more than a decade ago when I first started playing the drums.

It captured my passion for the instrument so completely that it led me to become a professional drummer. These kits are the real deal!

What you’ll need for the Yamaha DTX432K

It can be a bit confusing as a beginner drummer to figure out exactly what you need to start playing the drums, and which brands you should trust.

There are a few essentials that you absolutely can’t do without – a drum stool (also known as a drum throne), headphones (so you can hear the sound of the drums – also good for quiet practice) and a pair of drumsticks.

To help simplify for things for new drummers, I created an Amazon list where they can find everything they need – the exact drum set, headphones, drum stool and drumsticks that I recommend to my beginner drum students.

The headphones also have a special jack that you can unscrew so they will work with both your electronic drum set and computer (people sometimes run into trouble if they buy headphones with the wrong sized jack/connector).

I normally recommend my students get hold of their drum set and the essentials they need through Amazon – it’s typically the most affordable way to get everything you need and you don’t have to pay for expensive delivery for a large item.

You can have a browse of my recommendations and get hold of anything you need using the Amazon link below.

TOP TIP: You can play music directly from your laptop through the drum kit and into your headphones – you’ll need an additional cable, though there’s no need to do this to get started.

Alesis Nitro Mesh

The best electronic drum set on a tight budget

Alesis Nitro Mesh Electronic Drum Set

The Alesis Nitro Mesh kit is the best way to experience the feeling of playing a full drum kit on a tight budget.

While it’s not quite as serious as kits like the Yamaha DTX432K, it’s one of the most popular drum sets out there, and for good reason.

It’s super fun to play, with a compact enough drum rack for smaller spaces, and feels as realistic to play as any electronic drum kit you’ll find under $500.

The mesh head design of the Alesis Nitro Mesh also produces less noise and vibration than other similar drum sets.

It’s a smaller sized kit and is a great fit for adults, teenagers and kids aged 6 and over. The kit is highly adjustable, so works well for most shapes and sizes.

Check out the demo video below to see this drum kit in action (in this video, they use an amp, but the drummer playing would normally be listening to this sound through headphones).

Why the Alesis Nitro Mesh

Highly customisable, for the most fun when playing – Buying an electronic drum set doesn’t just come with the sounds of a single drum kit.

The drum module that powers the Alesis Nitro comes with 40 different drum kits and over 380 drum sounds.

Alesis Nitro Mesh Electronic Drum Module
The Alesis Nitro Drum Module is the ‘brain’ that powers the drum set

You can totally reinvent how the drums sound every time you sit down at the kit, keeping things fresh and interesting in every practice session.

What’s more, each drum can be tightened or loosened using a drum key to provide a different feel when striking the drum.

This is a really cool feature that you’d normally find on an acoustic drum kit and helps you adjust your kit to feel the way you want it to.

Play along to the latest, greatest songs – The drum module has an aux input, allowing you to plug in your phone, PC/Mac or Tablet and play music directly into the drum set headphones.

This means the drummer can hear their favourite tunes and their own drumming, without disturbing everyone else!

The drum module also comes with a set of 60 play-along tracks, ideal for developing your timing and confidence as a drummer.

There’s also a metronome for dedicated rhythm practice and a performance recorder, for hearing your own playing back.

Exceptional value for money – In my experience, the Alesis Nitro Mesh delivers more value for money than any other drum kit in this price range.

Not only do you get everything you need to rock out to your favourite music, you’ll also find features on the Nitro Mesh normally reserved for more expensive drum kits (such as mesh pads).

And there’s no need to book yourself an expensive music studio when you’re ready to record your playing for the first time – with USB midi connectivity, the drum set plugs straight into your laptop and you can record yourself with any popular DAW recording software.

What you’ll need for the Alesis Nitro Mesh

If you’re ready to get started, there are just a few things you’ll need to make playing this drum kit a breeze.

You’ll need a handful of accessories with your drum set to get started: drumsticks, a drum stool, an aux cable to listen to music while you play and a pair of headphones to hear the drums (headphones should have an adapter so that you have the correct sized headphone jack for all situations).

To help you find everything you need – I’ve made a handy list on Amazon so that you can be sure you’ll have all the necessary parts and pieces to start rocking out.

Once you have everything on this list – you’ll be ready to start making music!

Simply follow the link to Amazon below to find out more information about what you need and how to order your drums.

Yamaha DTX402K

The best electronic drum set for kids

Yamaha DTX402K Electronic Drum Kit

The Yamaha DTX402K electronic drum kit is not only great fun to play, but it’s also a great teaching tool to help develop your skills – making it the perfect electronic drum set for kids.

It’s an entry-level electronic drum set from Yamaha, one of the best electronic drum brands out there.

So as your kid grows up, this kit will still be perfect for practice into their teens and beyond.

Why the Yamaha DTX402K

Aimed at the beginner drummer, this drum set has a range of really fun features that turns developing your skills on the drums into a game…

The different coaching functions are very clever and intuitive ways to get kids playing and improving while having a load of fun.

For example, The Fast Blast coaching function is a game that measures how fast you can play the drums.

And the Recorder function allows you to listen back to your drumming straight after playing and show everyone what you’ve learned.

There are even downloadable apps to control the drum set from your phone.

And with the Yamaha name attached, you know it’s going to be a quality product too… this drum set isn’t likely to be broken by an overenthusiastic drummer!

A large number of my students use Yamaha kits from the 402k series, it’s a great choice for a drum set that will last you a long time, without breaking the bank.

This is one of the most space-friendly drum sets I’ve reviewed, and more importantly one of the quieter options out there.

Because of the digital hi-hat and bass pedals, you won’t hear the clanking of a bass-drum beater hitting rubber all day. But if you ever want to upgrade to a full bass pedal in the future, you always have that option too.

You can also have a lot of fun customising the sounds on the drum set, as this kit comes with over 400 sounds and 10 preset drum sets.

Remembering back to when I first started playing the drums, messing around with all the different sounds was one of the things I had the most fun with.

Every time I sat down to practice, I was playing on a completely different drum kit.

You can use the pre-made drum kits on the module or download the app which allows you to customise things even further.

If you’d like to hear the Yamaha DTX402K in action, check out the video below.

What you get with the Yamaha DTX402K

A standard five-piece drum kit – Digital drum pedal, snare drum, 2x rack toms, floor tom, hi-hat, crash, and ride cymbals. It comes with a guide, so you’ll know how to set it up!

A DTX drum module – This controls the sounds of the drum set, with over 400 Yamaha-quality sounds you can mix and match to create your own drum sets.

The DTX432K also has coaching functions that I mentioned earlier, plus a metronome and volume controls.

What you’ll need for the Yamaha DTX402K

You’ll need a pair of sticks, a drum stool and headphones to start playing. It’s normally cheapest to buy these in a bundle with your drum set.

Amazon normally does some great bundles – below is an example that includes everything you’ll need to start rocking out.

In conclusion, the Yamaha DTX402K is an ideal choice for any child getting started on the drums.

It’s great fun to play, and perhaps even more importantly, it provides a solid learning foundation for any aspiring drummer.

ATV aDrums Artist Standard Kit with aD5 Drum Module

The best electronic drum set that looks like an acoustic drum set

ATV aDrums Artist Standard Electronic Drum Kit

They say money can’t buy happiness…

Well, that’s only half true when you consider this top-tier e-drum kit from ATV.

Their aDrums Artist Standard Kit is the closest thing you’ll find to a real acoustic drum kit. And that’s reflected in its world-class construction.

You might not have heard the name ATV touted too much in the spheres of drum-elitists, but the company is primarily backed by ex-Roland engineers, which means you’re in exceptional hands with their hardware.

Why the ATV aDrums Artist Standard Kit

So what exactly makes this the best electronic drum kit that looks and feels like an acoustic kit?

Authentic acoustic design – The drum shells are beautifully crafted from 6-ply birch wood, painted with black lacquer, and even feature metal tension rods, all authentic hallmarks of a real acoustic kit.

The double-layer mesh heads are designed to resemble acoustic heads, with fantastic response and stick bounce.

And the cymbals aren’t left behind either. They are designed to move naturally in the style of acoustic cymbals and are chokable just like the real thing.

Cutting-edge hi-hat response – While some kits may leave you disappointed with lag or inaccuracy, the ATV aDrums Artist Standard Kit’s optical sensors mean every little thing you do to your hi-hat gets registered and played the way you intended it to as if you were hitting a real hi-hat.

Even the most delicate swing or high-tempo triplets will sound ‘right’.

Natural dynamic range – Multiple sensors across the drums and cymbals mean accurate sound response no matter where you hit with your sticks.

And whether you’re lightly tapping your toms, or belting out a powerhouse drum solo, the sound registers in the manner you’d expect from an acoustic kit.

Immense drum configurability – The intuitive aD5 electronic drum module allows you to personalise your drums with incredible flexibility, allowing the drums to sound exactly the way you want them to.

Within a few seconds of configuration, you can interchange your drum sounds to create new kits, adjust the dynamic range, and even the hi-hat pedal sensitivity to suit your individual playing style.

Lush acoustic sound – The 12 drum kits presets you’ll get straight out of the box, simply sound nothing less than gorgeous, thanks in equal parts to the natural dynamic range, studio-quality sound recording, and strikingly accurate response.

Listen to the authentic acoustic sound of the ATV aDrums Artist Standard Kit right in the below video.

And if you’re ever feeling like some new sounds for your kit, ATV has its own regularly-updated “Sound Store” where you can buy new samples and drum kits so no matter how long you’ve owned the kit, you can keep your playing experience fresh.

What you get with the ATV aDrums Artist Standard Kit

Four-piece drum kit – 18” Bass drum, 13” snare drum, 13” floor tom, 10” tom, 14” hi-hat, 16” crash, and 18” ride cymbals.

While the drum and cymbal stands are included, you’ll need to buy your own pedals and throne.

aD5 electronic drum module – The power-house that lets you control and configure your drum kit in seconds, with multiple settings that hone in on the drum’s sound and response.

12 high-quality drum kits – Packed with rich, studio-quality sounds that you can configure to your liking, and mix-and-match to create your own personalised drum kits.

The kit’s natural acoustic look, playability, and sound is thanks to ATV’s laser-focused attention-to-detail in replicating an acoustic design.

The ATV aDrums Artist Standard Kit with aD5 Drum Module really takes the cake as a rival to a top-tier acoustic kit, with all the trimmings and cutting-edge technology of a high-end modern electronic kit.

The ATV aDrums Artist Standard Kit isn’t available on websites like Amazon.

Yamaha DTX582K

The best electronic drum set for intermediate drummers

Yamaha DTX582K Electronic Drum Kit

PLEASE NOTE: This kit is only available in the UK. If you are an intermediate drummer in the US, I’d recommend the Roland TD-17KV.

If you’re in the market for an electronic drum kit that will accommodate your new skills as an intermediate drummer, look no further.

The Yamaha DTX582K is the perfect e-drum kit for an intermediate player, and it even comes equipped with some very impressive pro-level features.

And while it’s not the cheapest kit out there, the design and functionality of this set clearly justify its price.

Why the Yamaha DTX582K

Let’s take a look at exactly why the Yamaha DTX582K is the go-to electronic drum set for an intermediate player…

Authentic hi-hat stand – The authentic hi-hat stand gives you the feel and response of a true hi-hat cymbal with a reactive pedal that feels like the real thing.

You can practice advanced techniques such as hi-hat splashes and choking in a far more realistic fashion. Perfect for an intermediate drummer stepping up their playing to a new level.

Acoustic-like cellular silicone drums – The toms on this kit feature cellular silicone material which gives you a response and stick bounce similar to a traditional acoustic kit.

The silicone drums are a real treat to play on and allow you to experience a more authentic feel with the portability and convenience of an e-drum kit.

Pro-level snare functionality – The snare pad on the DTX582K boasts three trigger-zones, unlike many similar drum kits that only use single or dual-zone pads.

This means you can really make use of your abilities and incorporate dynamic sounds from the snare, different rhythms with cross-sticking, and even add in rimshots.

Those little added elements can turn your already solid drumming into main-stage material.

Effective coaching programs – Built into the DTX502 module are 8 different coaching programs that can accelerate your progress and help you reach your drumming goals in less time.

From groove coaching to fill training and play-along programs, you can quickly improve your drumming with real-time correction and assessments straight from the module itself.

Multi-zoned chokable cymbals – A feature that allows a greater range of creativity, opening up a new world of grooves, fills, and dynamics.

Not only are there three trigger zones and choke triggers, but the unique pre-choke function lets you add yet another level of depth to your patterns that you simply can’t do on a kit designed for beginners.

Have a listen to the Yamaha DTX582K in action in the video below.

What you get with the Yamaha DTX582K

Five-piece drum kit – Bass drum, snare drum, 2x rack toms, floor tom, hi-hat, crash, and ride cymbals.

DTX502 drum module – Over 600 Yamaha sounds come together to create beautiful, rich and dynamic sounding drum sets. Use the built-in kits or create your own with the customisations that you desire.

Plus there’s all the usual great Yamaha features: Aux-in capability, programmable metronome, tempo and volume controls and built-in songs.

In conclusion, I was pretty blown away by this kit.

The over-all acoustic-like drum heads and exceptional module plus the multi-zoned snare, cymbals, and hi-hat stand make this a real stand-out kit for an intermediate drummer.

For someone that wants to be able to play expressively, and level up their skills at the same time – look no further than the Yamaha DTX582K.

What you’ll need for the Yamaha DTX582K

To start playing on the DTX582K drum kit, you’ll also need a pair of headphones, a pair of drumsticks, a bass pedal and a drum stool or throne.

You can often save some money on these accessories by buying your drum kit as part of a bundle.

Below is a great example of a bundle from Gear4Music that includes the drum kit and everything else you need to start rocking out.

Roland TD-17KV

The best electronic drum set with pro features, without the pro price

Roland TD-17KV Electronic Drum Kit

They say you can’t eat your cake and bake it too… Or, is it bake your cake and eat it too? I don’t really know.

And anecdotal sayings are not my forte. But the point is this…

The Roland TD-17KV lets you bake your cake and eat it too with pro features at a mid-range price-point.

With a suite of top-quality features including sound libraries from the much higher-end TD-50 line, an incredibly responsive and large 12” snare drum, and a next-level drum module that ties it all together, the Roland TD-17KV really is the best bang-for-your-buck kit out there.

Why the Roland TD-17KV

Let’s break down the real stand-out features and see why this kit is the best choice for pro features at a mid-level price…

Acoustic-like drum heads – The dual-mesh pads this kit features lifts it above other brands, but that’s not all…

The real winner among the bunch is the PDX-12 snare drum with its true-to-size 12” diameter and incredibly realistic response that makes even the most novice player have a better drumming experience from the get-go.

Pro-level drum module – The TD-17KV comes with an impressive drum module with functions you’d usually only find in top-tier kits.

A prominent example is the ability to import your own drum sounds and customise and tune your sounds extensively to take even the most simple rhythms and fills to the next sonic level.

Practice and coaching functions – Every pro needs to keep their chops up. This kit lets drummers of any level keep their drumming tight, and make the most of their practice sessions with a built-in coaching mode.

Warm-up, practice to the included exercises or see what level you’re at with instant feedback and analysis.

High-end drum sounds – The Roland TD-17KV benefits from a wealth of top-quality drum libraries straight from the much higher-end TD-50 drum line, with all their rich sounds and great dynamic range that help you play expressively like a pro.

Have a listen to the Roland TD-17 series in the video below.

What you get with the Roland TD-17KV

Five-piece drum kit – Bass drum pad, 12” snare drum, 3x 8” toms, 10” tom, hi-hat, 2x 12” cymbal pads for the crash or ride.

The kit also comes with a foot pedal for the hi-hat, but you’ll need your own bass drum pedal.

TD-17 drum module – An intelligent ‘brain’ that allows extensive control and customisation of your drum kit.

It also features a USB port for easy computer connectivity, AUX input and even Bluetooth to play along to your favourite tracks from your phone, and an SD card slot to import new sounds for your drum kit.

50 drum kits – Over 300 sounds from the top-tier Roland TD-50 drum line make up the 50 preset drum kits included in the drum module.

And if you ever want to make your own, there are 50 additional slots to design your own personal kits.

With all that in mind, there really isn’t a better kit out there with a set of pro-level features for a mid-level price.

The Roland TD-17KV easily takes the cake… and eats it too.

And the customisation options mean you can upgrade your drums when you feel the need to without breaking the bank too much.

Serious value for the financially-minded drummer that still wants to get the best sound possible from their kit.

Roland TD-1DMK

The best electronic drum set for having fun

Roland TD-1DMK Electronic Drum Set

The drum kit I had the most fun playing (by far) for this review. The Roland TD-1DMK comes equipped with everything you need to have a blast.

With features you would only otherwise find on high-end drum kits, all packed together at an affordable price.

When I think about an all-round “fun” drum kit to play on, I’m looking for a kit that’s comfortable and effortless to play, highly responsive, is built to last and has the kind of features that get me excited to sit down and practice.

Simply put, the Roland TD-1DMK ticks all the boxes…

Why the Roland TD-1DMK

There are a few features that make this kit such a thrill to play on, but here are the stand-outs…

Double mesh heads – Not only do they look great, but the mesh drum heads feel effortless to play – each drum head is a highly responsive surface which makes practice even more enjoyable.

Chokable cymbals – Just like the real thing, you can choke your cymbals using your hand. This lets you play around with more expressive fills and varied patterns to keep things fresh and entertaining and add another dimension to your drumming.

Coaching functions – The Roland TD-1DMK trains you to become a better drummer, with tools including play-along music (that tracks your progress) and recording functions that let you listen back to yourself playing.

The game-like quality of these practice tools makes them great fun to use and integrate into your practice.

‘Melodics’ interactive app – By simply plugging in a device via the USB port, you can use the Melodics app, giving you access to new drum fills, patterns, and classic drum break samples from popular songs.

As you progress and level up through the app, you unlock more and more features, including 40 new drum kits with their own unique sounds.

This expands the possibilities with the Roland TD-1DMK tremendously and will add a new level of creativity to your playing.

High-quality sounds – Even at a cheaper price point, the Roland TD-1DMK packs a punch with 15 drum kits that sound fantastic compared to other kits in the same price range, meaning you’ll enjoy listening to yourself play even more.

Check out how the TD-1DMK sounds in the video below.

Oh, I haven’t even mentioned the sleek metal frame that adds an element of chic and makes the Roland TD-1DMK really stand out above others around its price range.

In fact, the next cheapest drum kit with a similar frame from Roland V-drums costs over $1000 more.

What you get with the Roland TD-1DMK

If you were to get your hands on the Roland TD-1DMK today, here’s what you’d find ready-to-go in the box…

Five-piece drum kit – Kick/bass drum, mesh snare drum, 3 mesh tom-toms, hi-hat, crash cymbal, and a ride cymbal.

The hi-hat pedal is included, but you’ll need to buy your own kick pedal to use the kick pad (read on for our advice on what you’ll need for this kit).

Drum-module – Your all-in-one control center with coaching functions. A metronome, play-along music, recording function, timing and tempo tests, MIDI/USB connectivity, and a stereo-in to play along to your own favourite music through an audio device.

15 high-quality drum kits – Whatever genres of music you love, the drums are rich and authentic-sounding, true to the Roland reputation.

Put simply, there are so many opportunities to enjoy yourself with the mix of high-quality sounds, natural feeling drums, interactive Melodics app, coaching functions, and upgradable drums, that this really had to be my choice for the most fun drum kit to play on.

What you’ll need for the Roland TD-1DMK

While you probably can’t wait to get started playing the drums, there are a few extra essentials you’ll need to complete your drumset.

You’ll need a pair of sticks, a bass drum pedal, and a drum stool/throne to sit on, plus a pair of headphones to hear yourself play and an aux cable if you want to play along to music.

It can be very confusing to work out exactly what you need – so I’ve created a handy list on Amazon where you can find the drum set and my recommended choices for everything else you’ll need to start playing and having fun.

You can check out my list and get hold of anything you need using the link below.

Yamaha DTX452K

The best electronic drum set for teenagers

Yamaha DTX452K Electronic Drum Kit

The Yamaha DTX452K is a drum kit close to my heart.

As a teenager, I used an older version of the very same kit and it was that set of drums that ignited my passion for playing this instrument.

As a young adult, you need a serious drum set that will help you take your playing to a new level but it still needs to be immensely fun to play. The DTX452K ticks all the boxes.

The kit is packed full of high-quality sounds, a higher-end multi-zoned snare drum and chokable cymbals. The kind of features that you’ll need as your playing develops and your drumming sounds more and more stage-ready.

Why the Yamaha DTX452K

So let’s dive in and see what makes the Yamaha DTX452K the right pick for teenagers who are looking for a top-notch (but still affordable) electronic drum kit…

Exceptionally fun to play – You can connect up your laptop or phone with an aux-in cable and play your favourite music directly into your headphones while drumming.

You can even record your playing with the Recorder function and listen back to what you’ve accomplished so far.

The rubber pads are responsive and enjoyable to play and the drum sounds are recorded from real acoustic drums.

Plus, there are lots of entertaining coaching modes on the DTX452K, like Fast Blast, that records how fast you can play, so you can see your progress as your technique improves.

Helps you to improve more quickly – The drum module on the DTX452K gives you real-time feedback on your playing.

For example, on the coaching mode Rhythm Gate, the drums only make a sound if your drumming is in time, meaning that you can be absolutely sure that your playing is solid and feel confident in your abilities.

Multi-zoned snare drum – The dynamic multi-zoned snare drum lets you add rim shots and cross stick playing to your drumming… key drumming techniques which are almost certain to appear in your favourite music.

This feature, usually found only on more expensive e-drums, will allow you to sound far more authentic.

Upgradeability – The Yamaha DTX452K grows and improves with you.

When the time is right and you’d like to expand your kit, you can easily upgrade your drum set to suit your musical needs. Examples include adding an additional cymbal, or a double pedal to jam out metal music.

You can also hook the kit up to an amplifier and play with friends in a band.

Customise the drums from your phone – No need for a manual or complicated instructions.

The Yamaha DTX452K can be controlled with ease directly from your device. Just download the ‘DTX Touch’ app and you can easily swipe through all the drum sets, customise them, and even create your own.

You can hear the DTX452K in action in the video below.

What you get with the Yamaha DTX452K

Five-piece drum kit – Bass drum, snare drum, 2x rack toms, floor tom, hi-hat, crash, and ride cymbals. No throne or sticks included.

DTX402 drum module – Aux-in capability, fun coaching functions, play-along songs, and volume and tempo controls.

400+ customisable sounds – Over 400 Yamaha sounds and 10 kits come included with the module, but don’t forget the DTX Touch app that lets you customise sounds and create new drum kits.

The three-zone snare drum, upgradeable components, and overall feel of this kit make it the perfect choice for a teenager that’s learning and improving.

Its design oozes style, while its functionality makes playing even more fun and engaging than other kits in the price range.

In conclusion, this kit is a real winner for any teenager out there wanting to play, improve, and impress their friends, or even put on a live performance in the future.

What you’ll need for the Yamaha DTX452K

If you can’t wait to get started with your drumming, the easiest way to get hold of a Yamaha DTX452K drum set is through Amazon.

You’ll also need a few accessories to complete your drum set, I’ve created a list on Amazon with everything you’ll need – simply follow the link below.

Roland TD-50KVX

The best electronic drum set for professionals

Roland TD-50KVX Electronic Drum Set

Perfection doesn’t really exist. But the Roland TD-50KVX comes very close – with a drum kit made with the professional drummer in mind.

The TD-50KVX is packed with standout features including stage-ready PA outputs, next-level customization, and Roland’s original Dynamic Prismatic Sound Modelling.

Put simply, any aspiring or current pro drummer out there would give their right arm for this drum kit, which as a drummer, is really saying something.

It’s not cheap by any means, but that’s not a surprise when you consider the top-quality build and capabilities at its disposal.

Why the Roland TD-50KVX

What exactly makes the Roland TD-50KVX the best electronic drum kit money can buy?…

Studio-level intricacy – The TD-50 drum module lets you fine-tune your sound to fit your environment with master-out compression and EQ, overhead mic and ambience control, and head and shell adjustments so that you sound your best in any situation. Whether you’re playing on stage, recording in the studio, or practising at home.

30 onboard effects like EQ, reverb, multi-band compression and delay lets you further customise each individual drum for the ultimate tailor-made sound.

Stage-ready capabilities – A true showman’s kit, the 22” bass drum boasts unrivalled stage presence. A professional-looking kit for even the most luxurious stage.

The PA-ready balanced XLR master stereo and eight TRS outputs make this kit the best choice for any pro drummer wanting plug-and-play convenience when arriving at their next gigging location.

Acoustic-like feel – The Roland TD50KVX ensures a strikingly realistic experience across the board.

The true standout, though? The triple-layer mesh heads that deliver a far more authentic and acoustic-like stick bounce and response.

The hi-hats are also seriously impressive – with a dynamic tonal range that changes depending on how hard you’re pushing down on the pedal, as though you were playing a real hi-hat.

Practice for professionals – Whether you’re already a pro drummer or aspiring to become one, the TD-50 drum module comes with coaching and practice modules like timing and tempo functions and backing-track availability.

This helps you tighten your rudiments and get your drumming chops ready for any environment where you need to be on your A-game.

Rich and customisable drums with astonishing sound quality – This kit comes with over 400 vibrant and dynamic sounds that resemble true acoustic drums.

What’s even more impressive is the ability to import any sounds you want using an SD card. You can then build custom kits ready for any occasion or genre.

And with the Snapshot function, you can quickly A/B test your adjustments before saving them.

Have a listen to the Roland TD-50KVX in action in the video below.

What you get with the Roland TD-50KVX

Five-piece drum kit – 22” bass drum (also known as a kick drum), 14” snare drum, 2x 12” floor tom, 10” tom, 13” hi-hat, 14” crash, 15” crash, and 18” ride cymbals.

Just remember the pedals and throne are not included (see my top recommendations below).

TD-50 drum module – With eight balanced TRS outs and two XLR master outs for stage-ready PA setups, a 10-channel USB port for easy home-recording, and over 30 onboard FX and coaching and practice functions, this is one of the most impressive drum modules on the market today.

400 dynamic sounds – One of Roland’s hallmarks. Rich, studio-quality sounds with a superb dynamic range that you can customise and mix and match to create your own unique kits.

The plug-and-play accessibility of this professional-level kit cannot be underestimated. It really makes setting up and playing a breeze compared to other drum kits you’d have to painstakingly soundcheck.

The fine-tuning functionality and overall interface of the TD-50 drum module really is something to write home about.

But more important than everything else, the feel and sound of the kit are worth its weight in gold.

Put simply, the verdict is in…

Whether you need to make a packed arena go wild, turn heads in the monitor room, or just impress friends and family at home, the Roland TD-50KVX is really the professional’s top choice.

You can find out more about the Roland TD-50KVX on the Roland website below.

Wrapping it up

That’s it!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this round-up of the best electronic drum sets in 2022 – there’s never been a better time to pick up one of these amazing instruments and discover the joy of drumming for yourself.

I wish you the best of luck on your drumming journey and hope that learning to play the drums is as rewarding for you as it was for me, it was the best decision I ever made.


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